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Photos from Space Capone – A FanFueled Event

8 Nov

Space Capone

FanFueled’s fall concert series concluded Friday night with a show by Space Capone and Jeffrey David at Lasalle Power Co.  Thanks to ticket sales powered by FanFueled, fans were able to earn rewards for inviting their friends and sharing the event.  The Nashville band killed it on stage, with danceable, 70s-style funk and a hugely energetic sound, and after their performance at Bonnaroo this summer, the group seems poised to take off big. Here’s an interview from Chicago music blog TheFiveThreeSix with frontman Aaron Winters, a.k.a Space Capone. Opener Jeffrey David Goldford and his band  got things warmed up with groovy, soulful rock.  Check out more pictures from the show on Facebook here, and send us your shots from Friday night for a chance to win some FanFueled gear.

Jeffrey David

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