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Today’s News: Teens using music to get high?

26 Jul

According to news reports, kids around the country are listening to mp3s that serve as “digital drugs,” getting you high through your headphones.  Instead of getting high and listening to trippy music (isn’t that how everyone starts listening to Pink Floyd?), playing these tracks is supposed to give users a buzz and alter your mood.

The phenomenon is known as i-dosing, and schools, parents and officials are taking it as a serious threat. According to the video above, they’re concerned that this is the newest gateway drug, leading kids to experiment with real narcotics.  Tracks such as “Gates of Hades” are supposed to offer the same effects as weed, ecstasy and opium, and peyote, available for $16.95/four “doses” online.

Wow, America.  Really?  I’m a big fan of Meghan Edwards, the high school student who says “I heard it’s like, some weird, like, demons or stuff through an iPod or something, he was just freaking out.”  The news team couldn’t apparently find anyone who had actually tried this, instead casting i-dosing as the latest something that “parents really need to be concerned about.”  Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School district, featured in the Channel 9 report above, has banned iPods in the schools for fear of its students becoming cyberdrug fiends.

This might be the only “drug” ever to advertise on its own Web site, even recruiting people to peddle the dangerous sound waves. (“Earn BIG MONEY selling i-Doser Digital Drugs with our DEALER PROGRAM,” screams the home page of i-doser.com, which claims to be “the industry leader in binaural brainwave audio doses to powerfully alter your mood.”) Here at FanFueled, we tried “i-dosing” in the office, and ended up only getting powerful headaches from the droning tracks, which are reminiscent of the all-time worst minimalist composers’ efforts.  Chalk one up for moral panic, and count this as another blow against common sense, responsible parenting, and the state of today’s youth.


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