FanFueled Speaks with SceneTap’s Biz Dev Manager About Engagement, Tech, and More!

25 Apr

This week, FanFueled launched a fan engagement platform for SceneTap and we’re THRILLED to be working with such an exciting, innovative company. We talked with Josh Luft, Business Development Manager over at SceneTap, about the company, what they have on the horizon, rewarding fans, and much more.

FF: Tell us a little bit about SceneTap.

ST: SceneTap is a data analytics company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to automatically collect foot traffic and consumer demographic information for retail establishments. SceneTap also has a consumer-facing social media app & website that allows you to view the real-time crowd size, male to female ratio, and average age of many of your favorite social venues in town (bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc). No more guessing or texting before heading out at night… just Tap into the Scene.

FF: What exciting new developments are on the horizon for SceneTap?

ST: SceneTap is growing in existing markets as well as new markets. We recently passed 300,000 users and have not even begun our national marketing campaign. As we’ve begun to monetize our company’s services, we then reinvest into building our brand and exposure, which allows us to expand and create a more comprehensive experience for our users and businesses alike.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 12.33.58 PM

FF: Why did you want to launch in Chicago?

ST: Chicago was an attractive launch market due to its size, demographics, the number of nightlife establishments, and the emphasis on nightlife seven days a week. With the city being divided by it’s unique neighborhoods, SceneTap serves an even stronger purpose for individuals to have the ability to make real-time decisions on where they want to go before leaving their house.

FF: Tell us a little bit about the value you’re providing your users and your venue partners.

ST: SceneTap provides it’s users an automated service that tells them in real-time the crowd size, male-female ratio, and average age of the customers for any bar on our network. We also provide users a full list of specials, events, hours of operations and features that allow them to post pictures, rank their favorite venues, and set up real-time notifications.

SceneTap is able to provide venue owners their venue traffic, customer demographics (foot traffic, gender, age, time stamp, reporting alerts and more) and an effective way to track their marketing and advertising efforts. We provide them with a marketing tool and a relevant social media outlet to reach their target customers. For example, they are able to promote their drink specials and events such as trivia, karaoke, or a DJ in real-time.

FF: Why do you think FanFueled and SceneTap are ideal partners?

ST: We feel that FanFueled fits well with SceneTap due to the fact that we both share a social media platform and work with similar demographics. Both of our users act as brand ambassadors and their positive experiences and testimonials can serve as a viral marketing tool. FanFueled increases our user engagement because it turns virtual actions into real-world benefits. This increases our user experience and adds an incentive for people to download and utilize our applications.

FF: What first made you want to team up with FanFueled?

ST: We decided to team up with FanFueled based on their ability to track both new and existing user participation within the actions that are created through the engage platform. The rewards and points program allows us to encourage user involvement and provides us the platform to acknowledge the efforts from the participants and reward them in a fun and useful setting.

FF: What other companies or organizations have you worked with in the past?

ST: SceneTap has one of the largest interfaces between consumers and nightlife establishments. Our user base has a mix of males and females, predominantly affluent social influencers ranging from 21-35. This has sparked the interest from large liquor companies and brands such as MillerCoors, Beam Global, Diageo, and many others who have explored aggressive advertising campaigns with us.

SceneTap worked with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to collect crowd demographics for the infield party at one of the world’s premiere sporting events, and soon we’ll be working with a number of stadiums and retail outlets for private data collection. We have also teamed up with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to join the fight and help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. More partnerships are in development as we speak…..

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