FanFueled Enhances Patented Software to Get Fans More Cash!

1 Nov

As we continue to revolutionize ways to reward fans for their influence and track the social ripple that this passion causes, we’re constantly making improvements to the software that started it all. FanFueled’s patented ‘Share, Track, Reward’ software has recently been enhanced to grow our community rewards ecosystem. Now, when you buy & share on FanFueled, the global rewards pool grows and it’s distributed throughout FanFueled’s collaborative community!

How Does this Work?
When you influence a friend to shop or attend an event, you’re rewarded with cash for this influence. It’s that simple. If your friend then goes on to influence his or her friends and they influence their friends, you’re still rewarded. This is because your influence ignited the ripple that led to all of this action. That’s less simple, but still pretty sweet.

Where Do These Rewards Come From?
Here’s the kicker. When you shop through FanFueled, we share a portion of our platform’s revenue with our community. This money isn’t coming out of your pocket. It’s cash that we received for facilitating the transaction. We’re thrilled to have you as a member of our community and we think that you should be rewarded for influencing your friends and introducing others to cool things and great events.

Ahhhhh, I’m on an Elevator. Can You Summarize Everything for Me Quickly?
Shop for your favorite stuff through FanFueled. Share them with friends. Earn a bunch of cash. That’s what we’re about and that’s what our new and improved software does.

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