Quick FanFueled Tips to Help You Sell Out Your Halloween Event!

17 Oct

Are you planning on hosting a Halloween party this fall? With so many events going on this time of year, you’ll want some help reaching as many fans as possible. And that’s where FanFueled comes in! FanFueled’s patented Share-Track-Reward software rewards your fans for spreading the word about your events through their social networks, igniting peer-to-peer marketing. Let FanFueled help you make the most of it by checking out these quick tips for selling tickets, accelerating sales, marketing events, and rewarding fans!

1. Looking to bring big crowds without spending big money on marketing? Every time a FanFueled ticket buyer refers a friend to your event, he or she earns commission. But the rewards don’t stop with direct referrals. If the referee shares with their network, the original ticket buyer earns commission on these indirect referrals as well!

2. Want to keep ticket buyers on your site instead of redirecting them to an external link? Every time you create an event on FanFueled, we provide you with a small bit of code so that you can create an embeddable ticket widget right on your site! Because it’s so easy, you’ll see a higher conversion rate and a better turnout at your events. Just copy and paste, and you’re ready to go!

3. Add a leader board to your event page that displays your top referrers. By acknowledging those that share, you’ll inspire other fans to do so!

4: Further incentivize fans to share by adding a ‘Bonus Reward’ to your order confirmation page. Whether it’s free tickets, merchandise, a meet-and-greet, or more, advertise this reward to your event’s top sharer. This will encourage all fans to spread the word, turning your ticket buyers into promoters!

5: Utilize our other event organizer bells-and-whistles – like promo codes and promoter links – to help sell out your event. (Tweeting out a limited number of promo codes is a great way to spread the word of your event throughout the twitter-sphere).

We’re here to help, so if you’re interested in throwing a successful Halloween event, shoot us an email to answers@fanfueled.com with any questions.

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