FanFueled Winners from CounterPoint Engage Sound-Off on their Experiences Playing the Game and Topping the Leader Boards!

12 Oct

For the first time ever, thousands of electronic music fans made the pilgrimage to Atlanta for the inaugural CounterPoint Music Festival. The festival was headlined by artists like Bassnectar, Skrillex, and Avicii, and no amount of bad weather could keep the crowds from going as hard as possible! We were able to send some lucky CounterPoint Engage players to the festival with awesome prizes, including free swag, camping passes, and VIP tickets! Check out what a couple of our big winners had to say about the festival and playing Engage!

Kelly C. – Winner of CounterPoint VIP Passes:

CounterPoint was by far the best festival I’ve ever been to; they did an amazing job for the first year! The VIP tickets went beyond any expectations I could have possibly had, and the staff was ridiculously nice and helpful. The Engage platform is so much fun–you basically get to earn points for doing things you would normally be doing anyway! My advice to other Engage players would be to make sure to regularly check for new tasks, and get your friends involved. Those referral points can make all the difference and it makes it a more enjoyable experience. THANK YOU FanFueled for giving me an amazing weekend!

Jeremy V. – Winner of a CounterPoint VIP Upgrade:

CounterPoint Festival was the best festival I have been too! From the moment I stepped onto the camping grounds till the moment I left, I couldn’t believe what a great time I had! Everything ran smoothly and there was no trouble. I loved all the people around me and I thank everyone who brought all the positive energy with them! The environment is what made this festival amazing. I didn’t witness any negativity and all of the artists played their hearts out. I can’t wait until next year.

I felt that the Engage platform was a great way to get people and fans involved. The Engage platform was great and easy to use–it kept track of all your statistics and was easy to access. If you are trying to win prizes through the Engage platform I recommend that you check it at least once a day. It’s really quick and easy. Also the platform lets you share and promote information that you can’t find other places. If you want to win free prizes for festivals or other shows and don’t have time to hand out flyers, I highly recommend you use the Engage platform because it logs into your Facebook or Twitter and you can spread the word really fast! Also, the best thing about Engage is that if you have any questions they will get back to you as soon as they can; I witnessed this firsthand when I was trying to see if I had won a prize! I can’t wait till next festival season to participate in more promoting through Engage!

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