We Talked to the Winners from ‘Summer’s Last Stand’ to Transition into Fall!

2 Oct
With Fall in full swing, we wanted to quickly post a wrap-up from “Summer’s Last Stand,” the North Coast Music Festival. We built a fan engagement platform for this wildly popular EDM festival and handed out a number of cool prizes, including tickets, merch, meet-and-greets, and more. We’ve heard from a variety of winners over the past several weeks and wanted to compile their answers into one big ‘End of Summer’ blog post. There’s no better way to transition from one live event season to another than to hear from our passionate fans. Check out what they had to say about the fest, fandom, and Engage below:
1. First of all, how was the festival? What were your favorite performances?It was awesome! Pretty Lights was my favorite for sure. -Kirsten J.

The festival was amazing! This was my second year going and this fest always impresses me. My favorite performances were Auto body, Midnight Conspiracy, Minnesota, Umphrey’s McGee, and Beats Antique. -Laurie L.

The fest was great, as usual. My favorite performances were STS9, Umphrey’s McGee, and all of the after parties. As for the festival, Auto Body was my first show of the weekend and definitely one of the best.  Boombox threw down a bouncy dance party as usual which brought together all of my friends from around the fest. -Brett P.

The festival was amazing! I’ve gone all 3 years and had the most fun this year by far. My favorite performances were probably Axwell, Pretty Lights and Girl Talk. -Wes S.

North Coast was amazing, per usual. They even had some fireworks and such, which I don’t remember from the past 2 years. My favorite performances would have to be Knife Party, Steve Angello, Axwell, Modestep, and Chuckie. Chuckie  was the one DJ at North Coast that I voted for on DJMag’s ‘Top 100,’ so seeing him at a Chicago festival was sole reason enough for me to go! -Derek B.

2. How did the after parties and meet-and-greets go?The meet-and-greet was really cool. Everyone was laid back and the Umphrey’s tour manager was really nice! -Laurie L.

I only went to one after party but it was a blast! They were super organized with all the contest winners going on. -Kirsten J.

The after parties were fantastic!  Eliot Lipp on Friday was a good start to what was sure to be a long weekend. STS9 blew my mind, and it was at one of the best venues in the city. -Brett P.

3. What attracted you to the Engage platform?

Simple! Free tickets for doing something I already do anyway–share stuff on social media! -Kirsten J.

One of my friends shared a FanFueled link on Facebook. I read up on it and could not believe the prizes you were offering! I HAD to do it. -Wes S.

A friend of mine used Engage in the past and said it was a good idea. It definitely was! -Brett P.

I discovered FanFueled Engage last year, fared pretty well with it, and have been keeping up with it ever since! I’m surprised I haven’t been banned from winning so many awesome items 🙂 -Derek B.

4. Why do you think it’s so important for artists to give back to their fans?

It shows that they acknowledge and appreciate us! Without us, they don’t have a career. -Kirsten J.

I believe it’s important for the artists to give back to the fans because of the dedicated fans who give it their all to spread the word about their music and attend as many shows as possible (support live music WOO!!). It gives fans a closer relationship with the artists which makes the overall experience a better one! -Brett P.

I think it’s important for artists to give back to their fans because it makes them seem more human. A personal connection with a band or group makes the fans feel closer to that group. -Laurie L.

When artists take just a few minutes to say ‘what’s up’ to a fan, it’s seriously like a dream come true. I am a HUGE fan of Pretty Lights and after North Coast I saw him heading to his bus and got to shake his hand and say hey. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to really meeting an artist and it was only about 30 seconds but it was probably the highlight of my entire festival season!! I was in awe and couldn’t stop talking about it to my friends. -Wes S.

I think it’s important because it’s like customer service to me; if you are served well, you are going to go back. It’s the same with music; if artists treat fans with opportunities to get tickets, meet-and-greets, merch, etc., then it makes that fan a happier camper and more prone to support that particular artist… especially if they weren’t huge fans of them before, they might gain more of a sense of respect for the artist and keep up with them more often! -Derek B.

5. What tips would you give to other Engage players trying to move up the leaderboard?

REFER REFER REFER!  I wasn’t able to get that many people to sign on in the beginning and was still able to climb the ladder and keep my position for most of the contest.  It wasn’t until after I had won great prizes that people woke up and decided to sign on to Engage. -Brett P.

Two ways to stay up on the leaderboard are to start early and get help from friends. -Laurie L.

Referrals! And stay on top of it everyday. -Kirsten J.

I would just say pay attention on a daily basis to Engage actions to repost and refer friends in order to earn easy points. I’m currently playing FanFueled’s Engage platform and hoping for Tiesto tickets at UIC Pavillion in Chicago, but CounterPoint was awfully tempting! -Wes S.

I can’t give out my secrets of the trade… other than pay attention, gain a following, and pay attention 🙂 -Derek B.

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