Winners from FanFueled and Camp Bisco Engage Talk about Music, Motivation, and Meeting Artists!

29 Aug

With the end of summer rapidly approaching and North Coast and CounterPoint on the horizon, the best festivals of the last few months have been on our minds here at FanFueled. From Ultra to Camp Bisco to Lollapalooza, we’ve been lucky enough to set you guys up with some ridiculously sweet prizes. But don’t take our word for it! We had the chance to catch up with Tim D, who won a meet and greet at Camp Bisco, and Susan G, who won 3-day passes to Lollapalooza. Check out what they have to say about meeting their favorite artists and be sure to check back next week after we’ve had a chance to talk to some North Coast winners!

Susan G, 3-Day Lollapalooza Winner

1. What did you think of Lollapalooza?
“Lollapalooza was a phenomenal experience everyone should have once in their life. I will admit I was upset I wasn’t able to share the amazing experience with my girlfriend (the winner of the 3-day passes) but I did make sure I got her the Nero T-Shirt she just HAD to have” – Dan L. (boyfriend)

2. What was your favorite part of the Engage platform?
It’s all so simple! Facebook posts, tweets, visiting a site, watching a YouTube video, donating to good causes. It’s doing fun stuff that all goes towards a prize you can’t resist!

3. Was there anything you discovered on Engage that you might not have heard about otherwise?
I love watching the YouTube videos on the music festival platforms. It’s always great to get introduced to new artists and new songs.

4. Why do you think it’s so important for artists to give back to their fans?
There are so many fans that aren’t privileged enough to get the chance to go to shows, or after parties or artist meet-and-greets. It’s nice to know that some artists want to give back to their fans. I can assure you that any tickets I am able to purchase through FanFueled will be purchased through FanFueled.

5. Any tips for other Engage players trying to move up the leaderboard?
Referrals are the absolute best! Posting on Facebook and Twitter can really help boost points!

Tim D, Camp Bisco Meet-and-Greet Winner

1. How was Camp Bisco?
Camp Bisco was amazing. Being backstage and meeting my favorite artist was a shining moment in my life. I wouldn’t trade the experiences from the past weekend for anything.

2. What was your favorite set?
The meet-and-greet was great. I not only got to meet every member of the Disco Biscuits but I also got to meet A-Trak, Dillon Francis, and other members of the Fools Gold label. That was only the third day, too. Throughout the weekend I met pretty much everyone. To say I was starstruck is an understatement.

3. Why do you think it’s so important for artists to give back to their fans?
I believe it’s important for artists to give back because it shows the fans that they appreciate what they have and what the fans have done for them. After all, without any fans the artists wouldn’t be where they are today.

4. Any tips for other Engage players trying to move up the leaderboard?
The tips I have for people looking to go up the leaderboard is to keep at it. The Engage program constantly updates every day, so as long as you keep at it you can stay up in the top 10. Just stay motivated as well. Just because you may not win the top prize doesn’t mean the other ones aren’t good. This is my second time winning a backstage pass and both times have proven to be the best days. I just want to say thank you to the FanFueled program for granting me the opportunity to bump shoulders with some of my favorite artists and see a different side of things at a festival.

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