FanFueled Engage Winners Talk Giveaways, Gettin’ down, and Giving Back!

20 Jul

Last weekend, EDM fans saw the return of Camp Bisco, one of the most intense and high-energy festivals around. Located in upstate New York, Camp features the biggest names in electronic music, including Bassnectar, Skrillex, and of course, The Disco Biscuits. Through our Engage platform, FanFueled was able to hook a bunch of you up with sweet prizes, like meet-and-greets and golf cart rides with Marc Brownstein. We got the chance to talk with some of the winners about their experiences with the festival and FanFueled. Check out some clips of what they had to say below!

1. How was Camp Bisco?

As with every time I have gone, Camp Bisco was amazing this year. I attended Camp Bisco 5-8 but missed the past 2 years, and man has it grown. Still an awesome crowd at a really good festival venue. Great turnout with great people! – Ben Satterfield

I don’t think I could entail in words my Camp Bisco experience. The many memories, stories, feelings and emotions that went on this weekend, I will definitely cherish in my heart forever. One of the best weekend of my life for sure. I am now addicted to Camp Bisco and will be returning for years to come! – Ashley Kodya

Camp Bisco was incredible, the place was just filled with positive energy and good vibes. I was really impressed with the new visuals on all the stages. Technology is just getting so unbelievably intricate lately. – Sean Gallo

2. What was your favorite set?

Amon Tobin’s set was by far my favorite, so much so that I am definitely going to check out a few of the performances on his upcoming tour. MiM0sa, Dillon Francis, Big Gigantic, and Bassnectar all played amazing sets as well. Camp Bisco regulars Future Rock, Lotus, and Orchard Lounge performed up to their amazing potential as well. – Ben Satterfield

My favorite set was probably The Killabits. They had so much energy and hype and blew my expectations away. They kept the crowd going every minute of their set. – Ashley Kodya

There were countless amazing sets by extremely talented people, too many to pick just one favorite. My favorite on Thursday was definitely Alvin Risk, he had the crowd so hyped and I couldn’t stop dancing! Friday, the best set was Mi0Msa, i really liked all the trap music that was dropped and the crowd was raging. Saturday I gotta give to my man Bassnectar, that was my 5th time seeing him and he just gets better every time. Regardless of the technical difficulties, I just love his style of mixing and song choices. – Sean Gallo

3. Why do you think it’s so important for artists to give back to their fans?

With the speed at which people’s views and opinions change in today’s society–with all the social media interaction and how a single FB post, Tweet, or YouTube video can go viral–it is important that artists interact with their fans and show their appreciation as much as possible, more now than ever. Turning the act of social media marketing into a fun, competitive, and rewarding game like FanFueled has done has allowed artists to really give their fans a chance to be hands-on with promotion and a chance to reward them for doing it. Fanfueled is just getting started this year and the more people find out about it I think the more potential it has to really let artists interact with fans on a very personal level. – Ben Satterfield

It’s important for an artist to give back to their fans because we are the ones that listen to their music, share it with friends, spend money on CDs, merch, and shows, take time off work and travel to go see their shows, and we dance and sing along while the artist is playing. We give the artist a reason to exist and keeping playing and making music. – Ashley Kodya

I think it’s important for artists to give back to their fans to help spread a positive word about themselves, as well as to keep their fans happy and surprised. We’ve been seeing a tremendous increase in the EDM scene lately with the amount of free music and ticket giveaways available. Everyone loves free shit, people go nuts for it! – Sean Gallo

4. Any tips for other Engage players trying to move up the leaderboard?

I think everyone needs to slow down on getting points and just take your time so I can keep on winning! Just kidding. Moving up in FanFueled is all about being active, checking the site daily to see if there are new actions, and getting your friends involved. I couldn’t do it without my referral points, and a big key is to make your posts/tweets meaningful and interesting. Making your posts/tweets meaningful and interesting will get your friends more interested in what you are posting and then they will be more likely to “like” your posts and join FanFueled to help both them and you succeed. Again, THANK YOU FANFUELED! Camp Bisco was awesome and I am looking forward to going after the CounterPoint and BacardiPlus prizes as well. To everyone else, look out here I come. – Ben Satterfield

Along with the Camp Bisco winners, we were also able to give out free Radiohead tickets to a lucky fan playing our own FanFueled Engage platform. Check out what he had to say about the show and Engage!

The show was amazing, as was expected, it really does live up to Rolling Stone’s claim that it is the best touring show currently. It was my first time seeing them, and you can guarantee I’ll see their next show. Coincidentally, I found the Radiohead tickets and FanFueled Engage itself while looking for Lollapalooza tickets. I noticed that the Lolla tickets were out of reach, and so I decided to go for the Radiohead tickets instead. The biggest thing you can do to move up is to just get involved. Go see shows, sign up for special offers, and check out new bands. Through using FanFueled Engage, I’ve found a lot of great new music, and found brands I never would have found otherwise. I can’t recommend FanFueled Engage enough. – Cullen O’Farrell

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