The “World’s Best Dancer” Talks Festivals, Fandom, and FanFueled!

25 Jun

One of the reasons I enjoy working at FanFueled is that I get to deal with real fans every day. Whether it’s answering an event-related question or offering Engage tips, it’s always great to talk to fans who are passionate about the shows, festivals, fundraisers, or games that they’re attending. Though I’ve encountered some hardcore fans in my time at FanFueled, few are as dedicated and as passionate as Mat Churney. Who’s Mat Churney? Check out the video below for a snapshot that says it all.

An artistic jack-of-all-trades, Mat always has some fantastic insights on live events and fandom in general. Last week we were fortunate enough to sit down with the busy Churney. (If you’re a fan of what you read, please be sure to Like his dancing video on YouTube; he’d really appreciate. Let’s get him to 3 million views)!

FanFueled: You are considered the World’s Greatest Dancer. How did you gain this title?

Mat: The title is nothing but a label, put upon me by Marcus LeShock of Chgo.9news, but I have a championship heart, style, stamina, and real talent.

FF: What does being the World’s Greatest Dancer mean to you?

MC: Actually it’s ‘World’s Best Dancer,’ often mistaken for ‘greatest.’ It means nothing, unless it allows me greater freedom to do what I do best: entertain, and open doors for all deserving artists/fans. Fame is fickle, temporary, overrated. I prefer privacy, clean air, healthy food, & true friends.

FF: What tips or suggestions would you give someone who wants to rage at a festival as hard as you?

MC: Prepare well, train at what you love to do. Don’t depend on drugs to rage. Instead, pack an attitude that’s unstoppable, infectious, & most importantly…fun!!!!!

FF: What’s your favorite festival memory experience?
MC: At Summercamp, the moment that Midwest Hype played Sabotage, when I was down emotionally about the lack of love shown for MCA/Adam Yauch, and physically from raging so hard to Primus. I had just told my newfound friends that only the Beastie Boys could revive my spirit, & less then 5 minutes later my miracle occurred. At NorthCoastFest, when I was offered a chance to perform at Bonnaroo by J.K. Mcknight deserves mention, and at lolla, when a Lollapalooza staffer gave me a one day pass, for my twin brother is also pretty awesome.

FF: What festival are you looking forward to rocking this year?
MC: Allgood gets my vote because of no competing stages, great acts, and venue. Rootwire and Somerset are on the radar, but the small fests get my honorable mention, because of the opportunity to connect personally with fans and bands which is hard to do at the massive feasts.

FF: What started your love affair with live events? Where did you get such fandom?
MC: Music is in my blood. My dad was a talented singer, my mom loves to dance, & I am a reflection of both of them. I remember being fascinated as a child watching a drummer rocking a kit and being mesmerized. I’ve always wanted to be in a band, and would likely do quite well, due to my poetry and drumming skills, energizer stamina, and experience. My Fandom is a product of my long-held love for live music, and deep respect for the dedication needed to produce great music in studio and onstage, which increased with my own experience with playing and performing. Last but certainly not least is my love for the discerning fans who show respect to the bands and fans they create an experience with. Like simply going downwind when smoking a cigarette near dancers or drummers, or caring for a depleted Dancer. I always support live music more than electronic music because the bands deserve it, however I really dig intelligent, soulful, and hard driving electronica, and the truly talented DJs, producers, and hard working promoters who deliver in a big way.

FF: What do you like most about FanFueled?
MC: Even though FanFueled is very business / platform driven, it’s run by real people who really seem to care that fans are treated well:) As long as FanFueled continues to show real love & dedication to making it easier for fans to influence policy decisions & find easy ways for fans to create and participate in fun/fair fan contests, I AM A TRUE FAN OF FANFUELED.

FF: Why do you think it’s important for artists, venues, and brands to give back to their fans?
MC: Because without happy fans, there won’t be artists, venues, or brands worth supporting. EVERY ARTIST, VENUE, AND BRAND enjoying prosperity has an obligation to give back, and most do well at it, but many artists, venues, and brands deserve a benching for the way they treat their fans. AN ETIQUETTE BOOK IS IN ORDER, for all participants, sponsors, venues, & brands. It should be written with the intention of creating real dialogue and improvement in all artistic pursuits, rather than pointing out bad manners, it’s about creating positive vibes without laying down impersonal, too PC, and unrealistic boundaries /goals.

One Response to “The “World’s Best Dancer” Talks Festivals, Fandom, and FanFueled!”

  1. Eric B. February 2, 2013 at 6:24 am #

    If only everyone had a heart like Matt Churney. One of Chicagos finest souls. Great q&a

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