FanFueled Engage Winner Talks Bisco, Blogs, & Boston!

16 May

Recently, we caught up with Chris Seymour, a staff writer for the awesome buffaBLOG and the winner of two free tickets to M83 in Boston. How’d he win these tickets? Chris was active on both FanFueled Engage and Camp Bisco Engage and earned enough points to redeem the ‘M83 House of Blues’ prize. (For every five points earned on Bisco, players are awarded a point on FanFueled Engage, and this gave Chris that much needed boost to win). He caught the show last week and we touched base with him a couple days ago. Check out the interview below and be sure to visit the buffaBLOG:

FanFueled: First off, how was the show?
Chris Seymour: The show was amazing, such an incredible band and saw them two times in three days to boot.

FF: Was that your first time at the Boston House of Blues? How was the venue?
CS: It was in fact my first time at HOB and couldn’t have been more pleased. One of the better venues I have seen a show at and I have been to quite a few.

FF: What other shows / artists are you excited to see this year?
CS: I am most excited for Camp Bisco, as I am every year. This will be our 7th year in a row. Also seeing Flux Pavillion in Syracuse in June.

FF: Why did you first start playing FanFueled Engage?
CS: I first started playing FanFueled Engage to try to enter for tickets to Camp Bisco.

FF: What’s your favorite part about the Engage platform?
CS: My favorite part of the Engage platform is its simplicity, it’s very easy to gain points and is very clear cut.

FF: Why do you think it’s important for artists / festivals to give back?
CS: It is incredibly important to give back to the fans because without them there would be no shows or festivals. Fans like myself and my friends love these artists and festivals very much and it’s always great to get something back and feel that they appreciate our dedication to their work and talents.

If you’d like the chance to win great prizes like this one, head on over to FanFueled Engage and get your game on!

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