Gaming & Giving Back! Donate to ‘Wheelchair for a Day’ on FanFueled Engage

9 May

For those that love gaming and giving back, we wanted to quickly flag you on this FANTASTIC charitable campaign launched by NextStep: Wheelchair for a Day (WFD). WFD challenges every able-bodied person across the U.S to spend one day in a wheelchair “and document their experience to share their stories through videos and photos.” You can check out every participant’s experience at and across all of NextStep’s social media channels. Be sure to watch this video of what a professional skydiver did during his day:!

NextStep is a “nationwide movement that aims to revolutionize the quality of healthcare for the physically challenged community.” We have been working with these guys for a while on their charitable events and are excited to help promote this great campaign. Not only is our CEO participating – check out his CrowdRise page here: – but you can make a donation to Wheelchair for a Day on FanFueled Engage:

Why should you make a donation on Engage? WHY NOT?! We’re giving away 20 points for every $1 donated and you can use these points towards AMAZING prizes and experiences, like Lollapalooza passes, Foster the People tickets, Tiesto tickets, merchandise, and more. Donating to a great cause is a cool thing to do. And here at FanFueled, we like to reward people for doing cool things. Engage and be rewarded.

Be sure to like NextStep on Facebook and check out this other moving NextStep video:

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