Innovative Feature Alert! Add Leader Board / Prizes to Events

2 May
We’re excited to introduce you to two BRAND NEW ticketing features that you won’t find ANYWHERE else. As you know, ‘word-of-mouth’ is one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing and we’re constantly exploring new ways to ignite peer-to-peer referrals for events. To do so, we’ve added two new features that will help venues and event organizers incentivize their fans to spread the word.

First off, event organizers can now advertise a prize on their confirmation page for fans with the most referrals. At FanFueled, we make it extremely easy for ticket buyers to share the events they’re attending via social media and email. We allocate half of our fees to reward fans for sharing, but we’ve noticed that event organizers that add additional rewards for their most influential fans see a HUGE spike in shares and referrals. With the new feature, event organizers upload a prize – whether it’s a free ticket, a complimentary meal, drink specials, merchandise, or anything else they’d like to give away – and the reward will be displayed on the order confirmation page. Every fan will see what’s offered and immediately compete to win by spreading the word. Event organizers benefit through the added promotion and fans get a chance to earn even more rewards!
Event organizers can now also embed a leader board on their event page that will show top referrers. This will allow the event organizers to easily identify their most influential fans and it will help ticket buyers keep track of how many times they have to share to move up the leader board and win.

We can’t wait to see the types of prizes event organizers and venues add to their pages and we’re excited that we get to keep rewarding fans in new, innovative ways.
(If you’re an event organizer and would like to add a prize, just create an event here – – and upload an image and some text at the bottom of step 2. To embed a leader board, just click the appropriate box on step 2, too).

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