FanFueled Engage Winner Talks Coachella, Festivals, and Fandom

27 Apr

Last week, we rewarded Kelcie Webster – a FanFueled Engage player – with passes to Coachella. What did she do to earn this awesome prize? SHE PLAYED! That’s it. Kelcie was an active member on two Engage platforms and we rewarded her fan passion with tickets to the sold-out fest. We followed up with her this week to see how her experience was and to get some of her thoughts on festivals, fandom, and FanFueled. 

FanFueled: First off, how was your Coachella experience?
Kelcie Webster: Coachella was a wonderfully HOT experience!! Being from the cold Northeast, it was crazy being at such a desert-like atmosphere, especially this early in the year. But that didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives!!
FF: What was your favorite act / performance?
KW: I thought it was HILARIOUS when the Black Keys brought out the cut-out of Biggy as their “hologram of a rapper passed”. It was also pretty sweet when David Guetta brought Usher out. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are two rappers I never thought I’d get to see live, so that was breath-taking as well.
FF: What was your favorite part about Coachella that wasn’t performance-related?
KW: I loved being in California; that’s my dream to move there. And it was fun to pretend that I do live there for a weekend.
FF: How does Coachella stack up against some of the other festivals you’ve attended?
KW: This one had a lot more big names. Usually the festivals I go to have a lot of jam band or electronica artists, but not HUGE celebrities like Usher, Snoop, or Radiohead.
FF: Why did you first sign up for FanFueled Engage?
KW: To earn points, and hopefully go to Camp Bisco for free. It’s also fun!!
FF: Why do you think it’s important for artists and festivals to give back to their fans?
KW: It’s a circle. We pay to see them, which keeps them going, so if they give back, it keeps us going!! Plus, they’re benefiting extra because they’re getting promoted as well.
FF: Any tips to players on Engage about how they can move up the leader board?
KW: Check in everyday, and never give up. The more you do, the more you earn!

If you’d like the opportunity to win prizes and experiences like Kelcie, follow these steps. 1. Sign up for FanFueled Engage. 2. Play. 3 That’s it. Game on!

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