New Feature Alert! Embed a FanFueled Checkout Box in Your Site!

17 Apr

When it comes to online ticketing, you want the checkout process to be as easy as possible. That’s why we have recently added a feature that makes buying tickets on an event organizer’s site seamless and simple.

Now, following the event creation process, a venue or event organizer can grab a short line of html that they can copy-and-paste to their site. After they’ve added the code, a stylized checkout box will appear that mirrors the one on our event page. (See below). Users will be able to select the number of tickets they’d like right from the event organizer’s site and hit ‘Buy Now.’ This will then take them directly to the checkout page!

This allows ticket sellers to streamline the checkout process for their fans and, from an aesthetic point of view, host ticketing right on their site! We added this feature to our site due to feedback from a promoter, so we are extremely flexible and always looking for new ways we can improve the user experience for event organizers and ticket buyers.

Let us know if you have any ideas and we’ll get working on it right away!

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