Quick Tutorial on the New FanFueled.com

15 Mar

If you’re a frequent visitor of FanFueled.com, you’ll notice that there’s something a little different. We’ve changed the homepage! Now, if you go to FanFueled.com, you’ll be presented with a splash page that directs you to our two sites – FanFueled Ticketing and FanFueled Engage. See below.

If you click into Door #1 (FanFueled Ticketing), you’ll be taken to a landing page that highlights why we’re the best ticketing and social marketing platform for event organizers and venues. If you’re a returning event organizer, just sign in at the top right and you’ll be taken to your familiar ‘My FanFueled’ page. If you’re a fan looking to purchase tickets and earn rewards, you can browse our events or search for them at the top right, too. See below.

If you click into Door #2, you’ll be taken to FanFueledEngage.com. This is the landing page where you’ll be able to access our very own Engage Platform where you can complete social actions for your chance to win Coachella passes, tickets to see Foster the People, and more. You can also click into our other partner Engage Platforms, like one for Ultra Music Festival, Roxy Theatre, and more. In other words, if you like playing games and winning prizes, click Door #2. See below.

Please let us know what you think of the new layout and thanks for reading!

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