FanFueled Takes Social Sharing to New Heights – NEW PRESS RELEASE!

13 Mar

There are so many exciting things going on at FanFueled, we wanted to tell EVERYBODY about them. Check out our latest press release below:

FanFueled Takes Social Sharing to New Heights by Offering Once in a Lifetime Experiences
Company Receives Patent for Proprietary Technology — Loyalty and Influence Become the New Currency

Today FanFueled, a social media engagement marketing company, announced plans to take social sharing to new heights by offering fans the opportunity to earn limited edition prizes and once in a lifetime experiences through their newest offering: “FanFueled Engage.” FanFueled Engage acts as an umbrella marketing network, allowing clients to offer their unique rewards and experiences not only to fans who are interested in a specific event but also to every person participating in any event on the FanFueled network. The Company recently received a patent for their proprietary technology that not only tracks and analyzes the influence of an individual fan but also can track the ripple effect of that user’s network. Users are rewarded for both their unique online activity as well as the ripple effect generated by their social sharing.

“For clients, this translates to an unprecedented marketing opportunity to reach every fan within the network,” said Anderson Bell, CEO and founder of FanFueled. “For fans, it provides a second chance to earn a unique experience where influence and loyalty are now a currency.”

FanFueled took the live event industry by storm two years ago when it offered artists and event promoters the opportunity to reward fans for posting on Facebook and Twitter about events they were attending. Fans earned points for each share -or additional shares that resulted from the initial share- and could then exchange those points for experiences specific to the event they were attending.

Under the new FanFueled Engage network, clients will have the opportunity to offer their once in a lifetime experiences current attendees and to a broader group of potential fans that may not have been initially aware of the event. Likewise, every person participating in any FanFueled event can now exchange his or her points for any existing experience on the Engage network. Point values are determined by the actions taken. Rewards run the gamut and can be anything from a VIP upgrade, meet-n-greet, shout out on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

By allowing fans to choose from rewards for any event on the FanFueled network, FanFueled Engage will increase ticket sales and marketing exponentially. For example: if a fan is earning points on an event’s page in order to win a VIP upgrade at a music festival and another user redeems the prize first, the fan now will be able to go to FanFueled’s Engage Network and might get another chance to earn that same prize or another prize of their choosing.

“Social sharing is exploding right now and we are excited to take it to a whole new level,” explained Bell. “Being able to offer fans a wide range of unique experiences not only cross promotes every client but is a proven way to increase online activity.”

Social sharing is here to stay. Research shows that Internet advertising is not nearly as effective at influencing sales as the influence generated by sharing within one’s social graph. According to Media Bistro, digital marketing agency Beyond recently analyzed the social sharing habits of over two thousand active Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ users. The results further underscore not only the influence of social sharing but the way sharing is expected to change in the future. Specifically, in order for brands to warrant sharing, they will need to continue to engage their audience. By offering rewards that cannot be found anywhere else and that cannot be bought, FanFueled Engage offers the technology for brands to do exactly that.

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