FanFueled Teams Up with Metromix!

2 Mar
If you love staying on top of everything your city has to offer, there’s a good chance you’ve visited Metromix. Your one-stop-shop for local entertainment, Metromix gives you an insider’s perspective on what to do and where to be on any given day. (Personally, I’m a BIG fan of their guides to the latest restaurants in your area). 

Now, if you visit one of Metromix’s 55+ sites, you’ll see a ‘Sell Tickets on FanFueled’ banner right below their top image. That’s because we’ve teamed up with Metromix to streamline the event creation and ticketing process for their THOUSANDS of event organizers. If you want to list your event on Metromix, you can sell tickets through us at absolutely no cost to you. So, not only are Metromix readers privy to the hottest events in their neighborhood, they can now earn rewards for buying tickets to them. Check out an image below and visit the Metromix site for your city here:

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