FanFueled Launches New Scanning App, Revolutionizes Check-In

13 Dec

We are pleased to introduce you to the BRAND NEW FanFueled Scanning App, now available on the Apple App Store. FanFueled On Site allows you to transform your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad into an efficient, effective, and easy-to-use scanner for your live event. The app also provides event organizers with a digital guest list so you can run Will Call right from your iDevice. The digital guest list also helps you check in fans that have misplaced or damaged their ticket. (And because you can post free events for free on FanFueled, the digital guest list allows you to handle RSVP check-in at no charge). With full-scale scanning capability and a scrollable guest list, check-in is more streamlined than ever before. Here’s how the App works:

Step 1: Sign up for an account and create your event on FanFueled.

Step 2: Select “Print-at-Home” as your ticket delivery method.

Step 3: Download FanFueled On Site to your iDevice from the Apple Store.

Step 4: Before the event, open up On Site and log in with the username and password affiliated with the event. Remember to ‘Activate’ scanning on your event page.

Step 5: Select the event and your iDevice is now a scanner!

Scanning tickets is simple!  Open up the ‘scan’ option on the App, hold your iDevice over the QR code on the print-at-home ticket, and the app will quickly determine whether it’s a valid ticket or not. (If the ticket is good, the screen turns green and says ‘Approved.’ If the ticket is a duplicate or fraud, the screen turns red and says ‘Fail’). For Will Call or checking in fans without their ticket, simply bring up the Guest List and type in the ticket buyer’s name. Click their name and they’re checked in.

FanFueled On Site will help you revolutionize check-in, so create your event today at

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