Nominate FanFueled for the 5th Annual Mashable Awards

26 Oct

Mashable, the largest digital and social media news site on the Web, is currently accepting nominations for its 5th Annual Mashable Awards. These awards are a “community-nominated voting program that recognizes the companies, people, and projects that made the biggest impact on the digital landscape this year.” We feel that our revolutionary Rewards Programs make us the perfect candidate for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Social Media for Marketing’ sub-category. Here are a few reasons why you should click that button below to nominate us.

— The Rewards Programs we created for Camp Bisco and the North Coast Music Festival transformed these events into social games and their fans into engaged players.
— Fans earned points for completing a variety of social tasks, including ‘Liking’ artists on Facebook, engaging sponsors on Twitter, purchasing coupons from a festival partner, and more.
— The programs harnessed the power of our proprietary marketing platform to increase sponsorship revenue and fan engagement.
— By tracking word-of-mouth marketing amongst fans and measuring user interaction with brands and sponsored content, the Rewards Programs provided the event organizers with unprecedented analytics.
— With custom referral tracking, the event organizers were able to identify and and reward their biggest influencers.
— And by rewarding users for referring friends to the program, we turned fans into promoters.
— Because these points could be redeemed for great prizes such as 3-Day Passes and Band Meet-and-Greets, the Rewards Programs incentivized fan engagement in the months leading up to the events and rewarded fan loyalty.
— By making some of the social actions brand specific, the Rewards Programs authentically integrated festival sponsors into the fan driven social campaign.
— Together, these Rewards Programs have generated over 10,000 shares of sponsor content and 4.5 million peer-to-peer impressions.
— And, most importantly, the fans LOVED them. These programs harnessed and rewarded the passion that fans bring to these events.

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