Event Spotlight: NextStep Fitness’ “Help Make a Difference” Benefits

5 Oct

With exciting feature upgrades, recent contests, and latest press to profile, it’s been a while since we’ve done an Event Spotlight on the FanFueled Blog. Well, we couldn’t think of a better event to help get us back into the ‘Spotlight Series’ groove than NextStep Fitness’ “Help Make a Difference” benefits.

NextStep is an amazing nonprofit that brings the latest in “fitness, health, and wellness to individuals living with paralysis.” Right now, there are two benefits up on FanFueled; one in Chicago and one in DC. These events are designed to unite the local Chicago and DC communities around this important cause, increase awareness about the lack of resources available for the disabled nationwide, and raise funds to enable NextStep Fitness to expand to new communities.  The benefits will feature a silent auction and raffle and tickets are only $100 online.

NextStep was founded by Janne Kouri, an avid athlete that was paralyzed from the neck down in ’06. Surprised by the lack of options and resources available for people in his condition, Janne and his wife started NextStep with the goal “to provide the very best fitness facilities designed specifically for the physically challenged at the most affordable cost.” Please take some time to watch this Good Morning America story on Janne and NextStep:

Thanks for watching and you can purchase tickets here: http://www.fanfueled.com/venues/nextstepfitness.

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