The Best Ways to Link To and Promote Your Event Page

20 Sep

As you know, it takes two to tango. When we handle ticketing and social marketing for events, we do EVERYTHING we can to get the word out and accelerate sales. But it certainly helps when the event organizer uses their “real estate” to promote their event on FanFueled. This can be done in a handful of ways.

— Post a coded ‘Buy Tickets Now’ button on your homepage. (We will supply you with the html; just copy and paste it to your site).
— Link a pre-existing ‘Buy Tickets’ button or icon on your homepage to your event page.
— Add some hyper-linked ‘Buy Tickets Now’ text to your site that links to FanFueled.
— Link your event’s image or flier to your event page.
— Send out an email blast to fans and ticket buyers with a link and image to your event page.
— Post a ‘Buy Tickets Now’ message on Facebook or Twitter.

Check out several of our favorite examples below.

Our 'Buy Tickets Now' Button at the Top of the Homepage.

Our 'Buy Tickets Now' Button on the Site's Event Page.

Our 'Buy Tickets Now' Button on the Event Organizer's Blog.

Their 'Purchase Tickets' Button Links Directly to their FanFueled Event Page.

Both the 'Buy Tickets' Button and the 'Buy Tickets Here' Text Link to their Venue Page

One Response to “The Best Ways to Link To and Promote Your Event Page”

  1. Lane December 19, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    How do you get the code for posting the button on your website? Do we get it via email? I posted the event a half hour ago so do I need to wait awhile?

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