An ‘Absolutely’ Great Podcast: FanFueled’s CEO Appears on Popular Music Blog

25 Aug

Hey everyone, check out this podcast that our CEO, Anderson Bell, did on the Female Musician Online blog:

Authored by musician Vivian Clement, the blog is geared towards females in the music biz and offers tips, suggestions, and advice on how women can thrive in the male dominated live event industry. Vivian’s got a great story – check it out here – and the blog features articles, interviews, podcasts, and a quiz that tests your ‘Female Musician IQ.’ (It’s a must read).

The podcast with Anderson covers fan interaction and how FanFueled is pioneering new ways artists and venues can reward their fans. It also features some terrific info on the FanFueled story and how the company came to be.

As a special BLOG BONUS, we will be giving away some FanFueled gear to anyone that can count how many times Anderson says ‘Absolutely’ in the interview. He was absolutely fired up for this interview and let the word drop a couple times. It’s absolutely hilarious. Once you know the number, leave a comment. First one to get it wins.

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