FanFueled Talks to Hitz Boxing’s Bobby Hitz About Boxing, Fight Night and More!

9 Aug

In just a couple weeks, Chicago is going to RUMBLE! Hitz Boxing returns on Friday the 19th with an EPIC night of boxing, featuring the Windy City’s own David Diaz in the headline bout. Taking place at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond Indiana – just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago – this event will air live on ESPN’s ‘Friday Night Fights.’ And though it’s sure to be one heck-of-a telecast, this is a match – and a NIGHT – that needs to be experienced LIVE. To help get the word out, we talked to Bobby Hitz, founder of Hitz Boxing, about boxing, the David Diaz fight, and more. Check out the full interview below.

FanFueled: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Bobby. The first question I wanted to ask you is about you slogan, “Boxing…it’s better LIVE!” What is it exactly about the sport that makes for such an amazing live experience?

Bobby Hitz:  “The energy that’s created by a LIVE boxing match is unparalleled.  It’s like free-falling form 30,000 feet.  It’s like skiing the Swiss Alps.  It’s like taking your first ride on a rollercoaster.  The energy, the electricity, there’s nothing like it!”

FF: Well, we definitely can’t wait for it. What are you most looking forward about the August 19th event?

BH:  “David Diaz WIN!  Good attendance, good showing on network television, great energetic night of boxing with David Diaz winning his fight.  I think the energy will show well on TV and to fans across the country.  Hopefully that will bring us more network dates.  That’s why we need everyone to come out and support to help these good local kids become nationally known household names!”

FF: We’ll definitely be working hard to help get the word out! Also, outside of a great, competitive main fight, what other factors contribute to a successful event for Hitz Boxing?

BH:  “Great attendance, good quality fan base, movie stars, rock stars, sports stars.  This night is “Happening.” It’s a great night out, like going to the best club you’ve ever been to.”

FF: Sounds fantastic. I’ll be sure to add that to the event description on the site. Speaking of the event description, while I was doing a little research for that section, I saw an April article with where Tom Tsatas talked about making boxing “more fan-friendly.” How are you and Tom going about this?

BH:  Who’s Tom?

FF: No idea. On to the next question. Boxing is a sport with incredibly loyal fans that will follow the sport everywhere. But how do you reach the average sports fan that’s never been to a fight?

BH:  “By creating an atmosphere that they’ve never been to or experienced before.  Something they’ve only seen on television or read about in magazines.  There’s gambling, music, hot girls, good looking guys, etc.  This is the SCENE to be SEEN!”

FF: And after the David Diaz event, what’s next for Hitz Boxing?

BH:  “We are just going to keep working hard to reinvent ourselves and make our events BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, AND FASTER!  We are going to have our Guns Blazing!”

FF:  We can’t wait to have your next event on FanFueled. And last but not least, this is the third event that you’ve done with us. What is your favorite FanFueled feature?

BH:  “I love that FanFueled gives back to the fans.  As a promoter and production coordinator, I know that the most important pieces to a successful event are the FANS!  Without fans you don’t have an event.  FanFueled gets the fans excited to share and then rewards them in the end.  It’s a WIN-WIN situation and FanFueled really is an innovative and trendy tool that can make strides in the world of all these new Social Media sites that keep popping up every day!”

FF: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Bobby and see you August 19th at the Horseshoe Casino!

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