Top Ten Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Event

24 Jun

A lot of time, energy, and money goes into the planning of a great event. And though the details and specifics of an event are integral to its success, the promotion and marketing of the event is just as important. The world’s fanciest fundraiser is a dud if no one shows up.

That’s why we wanted to put together this top ten list of ways to get the word out about your event. And because we know that the majority of an event organizer’s resources go into the planning and execution of the event, all of these tips and suggestions are affordable or cost-effective. Generating buzz is easy. Generating buzz on a budget is the FanFueled way!

1: Do a Blog Post:
If you have a blog, do a post about your event. If you don’t have a blog, reach out to relevant bloggers and ask them to do a post about your event. You could also ask a blogger if you could do a guest post. (You can dangle a “free ticket” in front of them as incentive).

2: Assign a Promoter:
Be sure to use FanFueled’s promoter feature to assign promoters to your events. This way, you can take your street team social. Allow your event promoters to effectively leverage their networks to keep your event filled. Easily monitor which promoters are bringing in the crowds on every night of the week.

3: Tap Event Sites:
Submit your event to popular event listing sites, like Metromix, Eventful, or Zvents. A lot of people use these types of sites as a resource when planning their weekend.

4: Incentivize:
Encourage fans to spread the word by offering prizes for top sharers. For example, add a note to your event page stating that the top sharer will receive a VIP upgrade or a complementary dinner.

5: Email Attendees:
Use the ‘Email Guest’ feature on the FanFueled guest list to contact your attendees and tell them to invite their friends and family to the event. You can use this as an opportunity to remind them of the benefits of sharing on FanFueled. The more they share, the more they earn.

6: Promos, Promos, Promos!
Set up a handful of coupon codes and submit them to various deal-a-day websites. These sites garner a tremendous amount of traffic and placement on the homepage or in a newsletter is basically free advertising for you event.

7: Facebook or Twitter Contest:
Promote your event on Twitter and Facebook through a contest. For example, post a message saying that “the first person to get 30 friends to ‘Like’ this event on Facebook will get a free ticket.” 

8: Get a Dialogue Going:
Engage your attendees and ticket buyers in a dialogue. Send your party-goers an email asking them what they’re most excited about and what they hope to see. This will get your attendees excited and encourage them to tell their friends about the event.

9: Press Release:
For more formal events, consider drafting up a press release and sending it out via a free distribution service:

10: Blitz the Comment Boards!
Patrol popular blogs and ‘What To Do’ sites and leave comments promoting your event. For example, if you see a post on a concert that’s happening on the same weekend of your event, leave something like…”This looks awesome! If you can’t get tickets in time and are looking for something fun to do in the city, check out (my event).

Let us know if you have questions on any of these tips and best of luck with your next event!

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