10 Ways to Use Promo Codes to Help Sell Out Events

26 May

Now on FanFueled, event organizers have the capability to create custom promo codes that they can offer exclusively to their fans and potential ticket buyers. So, if you need a ‘Half Off Coupon Code’ for your event newsletter or want to post a ‘$10 Off’ deal to your Facebook page, we can do it.

To celebrate this brand new feature, we’ve posted  ten ways event organizers can use promo codes to help promote and sell out their events.

1: Twitter Contests:

Create a promo code that’s only live for an hour and send it out on Twitter. This will help mobilize your followers and – as an added bonus – help “train” them to pay closer attention to your tweets.

2: Facebook Promotion:

Post a promo code to your wall and convert all of your fans into ticket buyers. Also, this is a great way to reward people for ‘Liking’ you on Facebook. Every time you get a new fan, reach out to them with a code.

3: Early Bird Specials:

Create a promo code that is only live for the first couple days that your tickets go on sale. This will encourage people to buy early and will help you avoid last minute fire sales. Also, as more people buy early, they’ll have more time to maximize the FanFueled system and share the event with their fans. (We allocate half of our service fees to reward fans for spreading the word of your events via their social networks. The more fans share, the more they earn)!

4: Share Incentive:

Track who is sharing your events on FanFueled and reward your biggest “influencers” with promo codes that they can use for future events.

5: Gifts for Guest Bloggers:

Offer bloggers unique promo codes that they can give to their readers in return for a promotional post on their platform. This is a great way to get in front of a new audience and in the good graces of a potentially influential voice.

6: Audience “Goody-Bags:”

Announce a promo code during your show that can be used for upcoming events. This will help turn one-time ticket buyers into repeat customers.

7: Sponsor Love:

Use a unique promo code as a way to butter-up and/or land a sponsor. For example, if Miller Lite is a sponsor, you could create a promo code ‘MILLER’ that results in 30% off for your fans. By promoting this discount, you’re giving your sponsor free advertising.

8: Newsletter Bonus:

Your newsletter is a valuable promotional tool. Be sure to include a new promo code in every blast to help ensure a high open rate. If your fans know that a discount is inside, they’ll continue to open your emails.

9: Cross Promo-tion:

Team up with other event organizers and include a promo code for their events in your email blasts and confirmation emails. When they return the favor, you’ll be able to market your events to a new audience.

10: Reward Feedback:

Feedback from your fans is crucial to ensuring that you continue to have successful events. But it’s not always easy to get your attendees to fill out a comment sheet or answer a survey. Offer an “exclusive” discount code to those that give valuable feedback and watch the comments fly in!

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