Rango’s New Promotion Proves the Power of Social Gaming

1 Mar

This week, Inside Social Games, a blog that tracks “innovation at the convergence of games and social platforms,” did a post on the new animated feature Rango and its promotional tie-in with Zynga’s FrontierVille. The wildly popular social game just launched special “Rango Missions” that, once completed, will unlock trailers, clips, and other unique virtual goods. Paramount expects that the exposure of “Rango Content” to “FrontierVille’s 19.4 million monthly active users” will help drive buzz and revenue for the movie. And this is not the first time movie studios have tapped into the social gaming medium to promote their blockbusters; DreamWorks used FarmVille to raise awareness for MegaMind and Universal “engaged 19 million Mafia Wars users over one week” to advertise the DVD release of Public Enemies. Obviously, the power-players in Hollywood have recognized the immense advertising potential of social games – Paramount plans to use Zynga again for their summer tent poles –  and it’s only a matter of time before the other branches of the entertainment industry catch on.

In fact, FanFueled is staying ahead of this curve, and will be rolling out a brand new feature and tool within the next couple of weeks that will allow event organizers to harness the power of social games to promote their shows, tours, and festivals. Organizers will be able to create ‘social tasks’ and rewards their fans for completing objectives such as the tweeting of the event or the completing of a questionnaire. Stay tuned for more details on how we’ll be using social games to drive awareness, buzz, and revenue for some of Summer 2011’s biggest events.

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