A FanFueled Friend: Readability Allocates Service Fees to Reward Journalists

24 Feb

Because FanFueled believes that innovative software and a system built around ‘rewards’ will help cure the ailing live event industry, we wanted to quickly recognize a company that is taking a similar approach to fix the problems plaguing their field.

Readability is a mobile app. that gets rid of all the clutter around web content – ads, pop ups, banners, etc. – and then presents the reader with a clean and customizable view. Readability provides a a very helpful, simple service, but it’s what they do with their subscription fees that got our attention. The app. allocates the majority of its service fees to pay the authors and publishers that are being read through their software. For example, if you open up an article on a sports blog that you like, that writer gets paid. This way, by using Readability, you’re also supporting your favorite writers. So Readability is not just a service that makes reading more convenient, it’s a service that gives back to a struggling eco-system and rewards those responsible for the experience. (Sound familiar)? Soon, more and more companies will follow in Readability and FanFueled’s footsteps and begin replenishing the resources being extracted from the industry’s they operate in.

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