Ticketing News: Ticketmaster Settles Class Action Lawsuit

1 Feb

As a company that cares about the fans, we’re thrilled with the BIG NEWS coming out of the ticketing industry this week. Ticketmaster has finally settled a class action lawsuit alleging that the ticketing company’s outlandish processing fees were just a “profit component” and didn’t “recoup any actual costs of doing business.” In layman’s terms, Ticketmaster has been charging fans fees simply for the sake of charging fees. And now they’re paying for it.

So, what does this settlement mean for you, the ticket-buyer. Well, if you purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster between Oct. ’99 and May ’10, you may be eligible for a refund or a discount on a future purchase. (Though details of exactly who will get reimbursed and how were not disclosed, it was announced that Ticketmaster has set aside more than $20 million to settle the suit).

Though Ticketmaster’s prices and fees are going to remain ridiculously high, this is good news for concert-goers everywhere. Fans will now know EXACTLY what they’re paying for and will not be duped by phony fees. However, despite the settlement, one thing is still for certain; if you want a 100% fan-friendly ticketing experience, your best (and only) bet is FanFueled.

One Response to “Ticketing News: Ticketmaster Settles Class Action Lawsuit”

  1. Class Action Claims March 7, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    Ticketmaster was definitely in the wrong here, and it is nice that they came forward and admitted it. I will be looking in to this as I have purchased many tickets through them.

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