Rolling Stone Reports on Flailing Concert Industry. FanFueled to the Rescue!

12 Jan

Following the release of the concert industry’s 2010 numbers, Rolling Stone just published a profile – or obituary – on the year that wasn’t for live events. Concert attendance dropped a whopping 25% as fans ignored pricey tickets and several high-profile tours. The total number of concerts that were staged was also down 16% as bands either had to cancel dates due to low ticket sales or they decided that touring was, well, just not worth it. Rolling Stone pointed to a number of contributing factors for the down year, including ridiculously high ticket prices, fan apathy, conservative touring, and bad luck – U2 postponed their tour because of Bono’s back injury and Simon and Garfunkle canceled theirs with “throat issues.”

The good news for music fans is that FanFueled aims to – and is equipped to – fix every issue outlined in the article. (Not including bad luck, of course, but we’re working on that, too). Regarding high ticket prices, we offer fans the LOWEST services fees industry. We also allocate half of these fees in order to pay you – the fans – commission for sharing events with friends. If sharing results in a ticket sale, you get paid. (So, ideally, you could pay for your ticket just by getting your friends to come to a show with you). Talk about a ‘Win, Win.’

We also plan on reversing fan apathy by making the event process fun again. With a unique and revolutionary rewards program set to launch in the coming weeks, FanFueled will award points and badges for nearly every ‘fan action’ – whether it’s a tweet, ‘Liking’ an event on Facebook, or sharing a concert with a friend. Users will also be able to redeem these badges and points for prizes set up by their favorite venues and bands. (For example, 20 points could earn you backstage passes for an upcoming show). In other words, we’re transforming every step leading up to a concert into a game.

And, finally, we hope to curve conservative touring by providing artists and venues with groundbreaking event analytics that will help ensure sold out shows. One thing we provide these groups with is details on ‘Top Influencers’ – fans that share the most – so that they can be tapped and rewarded early on in the planning process. Also, by rewarding fans for sharing, we encourage ticket buyers to purchase early, curtailing the trend of fans waiting till the very last second to buy.

On top of all this, FanFueled continues to roll out and tweak innovative new features and programs that reward fans, bands, and venues to help get the concert industry back on its feet. Be sure to check out the FanFueled blog for the latest on these new updates and for information on upcoming shows.

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