Today’s News: ScoreBig Looks to Sell the Unsold

17 Dec

Today, the Wall Street Journal published a profile on ScoreBig Inc, a new start-up that hopes to provide ticket-buyers with access to the millions of sports and concert tickets that go unsold every year. Their philosophy: an empty seat doesn’t benefit anyone. That’s why ScoreBig will offer a handful of tickets that they’ve received from venues or teams to fans at discounted prices. In essence, ScoreBig will serve as a tool that venues can utilize if they have a game or show that is undersold.

Unfortunately, the industry is at a point where services like ScoreBig are needed. The Journal estimates that over 40% of concert tickets and 25%-35% of sports seats go unsold every year. And THOSE are the numbers that FanFueled is equipped to change. By rewarding fans for sharing an event, FanFueled encourages ticket-buyers to purchase early and often. The more fans share, the more they earn. FanFueled’s unique sharing software also empowers fans with the ability to promote an event, increasing (and enhancing) a show or game’s marketing efforts. Nothing sells out an event faster than word-of-mouth marketing and that’s EXACTLY what FanFueled generates.

We understand that a packed house can be a key ingredient to a successful event. And if ScoreBig can help contribute a fan’s good time, we’re all for it. But, as more and more venues choose FanFueled and more and more fans discover the benefits of sharing, there will soon be no more unsold tickets for ScoreBig to sell.

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