FanFueled in the Press: The Revolution Will Not Be Service Charged

8 Dec

FanFueled’s in the news again; this time landing in one of the Windy City’s most popular magazines and web sites, Time Out: Chicago. You can currently view the piece in the December issue or you can check it out online now.

Time Out’s Brent DiCrescenzo spotlights FanFueled in a comprehensive piece on our story, our service, and our mission. The article also serves as a profile on Anderson Bell, FanFueled’s Founder and CEO, and offers insight into the start-up’s origins. There are a couple of cool anecdotes regarding the inspiration for FanFueled and how the company came to be.

“The idea for FanFueled came two years ago, when Bell logged on to Ticketmaster to buy passes to see Pearl Jam. After all of the “convenience fees” and service charges (which can often add up to 50 percent of the list price), Bell could no longer afford the tickets. “The light bulb went off that something was wrong with the industry,” Bell recalls.”

And for those unfamiliar with our services, the article does an excellent job of compartmentalizing everything we have to offer into a couple sentences. (But to truly get a feel for who we are and what we’re about, you need check us out, set up an event, or purchase tickets).

So far, this event is popping up on a number of social networking feeds, so be sure to like the article on Facebook or tweet about it. (Remember, we’re all about sharing). With extensive articles in Time Out and the Chicago Reader just this month, the FanFueled story will continue to spread. Stay tuned for future media coverage!


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