Job Posting: Customer Retention – Do you have Spidey Sense?

5 Nov
Do you have Spidey Sense?
Can you use it with your customer engagement and support skills to battle the evil forces of churn?  We are looking for a Superhero to join our team which is completely disrupting the concert industry.  We need you to use your web shooting ability to ensare our customers in your web and make them sticky.  Using your unique powers and high tech weaponry, you will monitor customer behavior, swinging from building to building, and drop in when they need it to make them successful.  You will engage them through marketing interventions, blogging, newsletters, and other communications.  Using your social media and community building skills, you will make them delighted with us.
If you are up to the challenge, drop us a note and let us know how you can help us in the fight against churn and the arch enemies of the concert industry.
Contact us at

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