FanFueled shares the wealth

18 Oct

We like to share, and share the wealth – that’s the foundation of FanFueled.  In this post, we’ll get into the “nuts and bolts” of what makes FanFueled work, and how it can supercharge your event’s success.

FanFueled is powered by sharing.  Who knows you best?  Your friends.  And what are you more likely to read, an e-mail blast from LiveNation telling you about every show coming up in your city, or a buddy’s Facebook post about a concert he wants you to go with him to?  When you share with your friends, you earn commissions based on each ticket sale you cause.  That means that the more sharing you do, the more rewards you earn.

Still having trouble?  Here’s a real-life example, where you can see just how sharing helps you earn and spread the word about events.

This approach is a big deal – it turns the top-down nature of event promotion on its head, adding real value to the social experience of your event.  Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising – 50% more influential than TV or radio ads, according to a recent study. The fans are key to an event’s success, and FanFueled puts the essence of the event back in their hands through the power of sharing.

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