Today’s News: Ticketmaster Customers, Fed Up with Fees, File Class-Action Lawsuit

24 Sep

The fans have had enough.  A lawsuit over misleading ticket delivery fees on the Ticketmaster Web site was granted national class action status last week by a Los Angeles judge, paving the way for millions of customers across the country to collect damages should the ticketing giant lose its case.

Peter LoRe of New York and Curt Schlesinger of Illinois filed suit in L.A. (where Live Nation is based), alleging that Ticketmaster misled them into believing that the company’s “Order Processing Charge” and “UPS Delivery Charge” were based on the actual cost of providing the tickets, rather than just generating profits.  The fees, which range from $14.50 to $25 per ticket, are not charged when ordering delivery by regular mail.

Judge Kathryn Doi Todd wrote in her decision on behalf of the state’s Second Appellant District, which was not published in the case’s official reports:

“In light of the foregoing, we reject Ticketmaster’s argument that a nonresident cannot state a claim pursuant to the UCL [California’s Unfair Competition Law] and FAL [False Advertising Law]. Because we find that a non-resident can state a claim under the UCL and FAL, we reject Ticketmaster’s claim that out-of-state customers should not be part of the putative class. Ticketmaster set the terms by requiring all of its customers, regardless of their state of residence, to agree not only that California law would apply to their claims, but also that suit could only be brought in a court located within California.” [via TicketNews]

This comes on the heels of a separate class-action suit filed last year by two New Jersey fans over parking fees at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, N.J.  A federal judge denied Live Nation’s motion to dismiss the suit in June, ruling that the fee policies “indicate a capacity to mislead consumers and evince a lack of fair dealing” and “support a claim of unlawful conduct under the [state] Consumer Fraud Act.”

We’re going to continue following this case closely.  It’s a sad state of affairs when fans have to turn to the courts to get fair treatment and decent customer service from a company that controls many of the biggest music and sports venues in the country.

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