Welcome to FanFueled

13 Sep

This is an exciting time for us here at FanFueled.  Our new Web site is live, and we’re ready to take on the big ticketing giants on behalf of the fans.  We’ve been blogging all summer on the live music business and the changing landscape of event marketing, but now we’d like to share what we do and how our ticketing software platform can help your events succeed.

What is FanFueled?

FanFueled is a holistic marketing and ticketing solution for the live event industry. It was developed to provide value for all stakeholders, including event organizers, venues, artists and – most importantly – the Fans.

FanFueled exists because the ticketing services industry is based on a linear Corporate Conglomerate model that ignores the truth of today’s economy: that the people are in control. The balance of power has shifted to the fans; they are publishing, broadcasting, rating, and “liking” to an extent that is influencing the greater masses.  Like our name suggests, FanFueled embraces this truth by recognizing and rewarding the fans for being the fuel behind an event’s success.

Without the fans there is no experience, and we are a company run and inspired by fans. We know what it means to attend an event: it means sharing a memory, an event, a bond, an experience.  With that in mind, FanFueled exists as a partner to the fans, sharing service fees with the fans who spread the word. The more you share, the more we share with you. Why? Because we’re inspired by fans, we are fans ourselves, and we know that without fans spreading the word, no event would be successful.

How does it work?

It’s simple, really, and is designed to reward you for sharing the events you’re already attending: Half of our service fees go into a pool of money that is used to reward the fans for fueling the success of each event.  The rewards you earn are based on the “ripple effect” you create when you share events through social media.  For example, if you buy a ticket to your favorite band’s show, and three of your friends see it and purchase from your link, you earn a commission for each of those three people.  If one of them shares to four more friends, you earn four more rewards, and so on. The monetary value of each referral depends on the event’s ticket price, and the number of “degrees of separation” available for commission.  As you earn rewards, you can apply the money you’ve earned to your next ticket order, donate it to charity or cash out at any time using PayPal (once your account reaches $10).

What’s next?

As we roll out our software, keep checking here and at FanFueled.com for updates on the latest features, special offers, and chances to contribute your feedback.  In the next post, we’ll look at some of the exciting new features available through FanFueled, and show you how we can help you fuel your events for success.

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